Uppercut Films

Uppercut Films

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Project Type

  • 🌊  Custom Web Design


 🎬  Movies and Film


🗺  Calgary, Alberta

Project Features

  • 🌊  Unique Design
  •  📱    Mobile-Friendly
  • 📈  Search Engine Optimization


🌎 www.uppercutfilms.ca

About the Project

A Custom, Responsive Redesign Project for Award-winning Canadian Filmmakers

Bold, stylish web design for a bold, stylish film studio.

Uppercut Films liked the look of their old site, but recognized that—having been designed and last updated years ago, in Flash—it was no longer suitable for the modern web. They came to Awoven Media asking for a simple, clean redesign that would work on all devices, without the need for special plugins, and which could easily be updated with new projects, demos, or (especially!) awards. They wanted to take the look and feel of their existing site and turn it into something professional, modern, and most importantly, functional.

We started by taking the key design elements of Uppercut Film’s brand: big, bold shapes, a rich red, white, and brown colour scheme, and a distinctive curve in the upper-right corner of their rectangles. We recombined these features into a simple, single-page design that highlighted both aspects of their business equally – wardrobe design and editing/directing work. The new layout is not only nicer and easier to navigate, but it fluidly reshapes itself to the size of whatever device is viewing it, and looks just as sharp on a smartphone as it does on a desktop. Extra information like credits, contact information, and demo reels open in modal overlays atop the main site, making it a cinch to go from one to the other without losing your place. Lastly, updating the site is now as simple as editing a text file, so it can always be kept up to date.

Uppercut Films’ website serves one purpose: to showcase their award-winning, professional work. By being dead simple to use, device-agnostic, and stylishly minimalistic, the new redesign stays out of their visitors’ way and lets Uppercut’s film content be the star of the show.

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