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✍ Digital Marketing Solutions

From social media to search engines to the written copy representing your business, digital marketing is part and parcel of every online strategy.

Setting up a beautiful website for your business is the foundation of your online image, but it's only half the story. How do you take that foundation and build it into a successful, reputable brand that attracts new customers through sheer momentum? Awoven Media has you covered, no matter what digital marketing strategy feels right for your business. Our experienced writers can fill your site with clean, sharp copy, or just go through what you already have to make sure it's in its best shape. And if you need ongoing content like customer newsletters or a company blog, we can handle every aspect of production, so you can be as hands-on or -off as you need. Finally, our expert marketers can manage your social media, web analytics, and online advertising to make sure you stay at the top of both minds and search results.

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Awoven Essentials Package

  • 🌊  A Beautiful, Responsive Website
  •  📱    Full Mobile Compatibility
  • 📈  Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ✍  Sitewide Copywriting and Editing
  • 💻  Managed Web Hosting
  • 📊  Full Site Maintenance

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