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✍ Copywriting and Copyediting

Smart, well-written content shows customers that you care about quality.

Never let an awkward typo or dangling participle get between you and your customers. Online consumers are savvy and quick to equate sloppy writing with a sloppy product; on the other hand, sharp copy goes a long way to prove that you're serious about every aspect of your business. The writing on your website — whether it's a pithy pitch or a detailed description of your products and services — is the first and best way to make a good impression on potential leads. Awoven Media can write your entire slate of copy from scratch, go through what you've already got with a fine-toothed tune-up comb, or even just give you a few pointers on when to use the rule of three (it makes for strong conclusions).

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Awoven Essentials Package

  • 🌊  A Beautiful, Responsive Website
  •  📱    Full Mobile Compatibility
  • 📈  Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ✍  Sitewide Copywriting and Editing
  • 💻  Managed Web Hosting
  • 📊  Full Site Maintenance

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