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Never Worry About Your Website Again.

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📊 Hands-On Website Maintenance

The need to fix something on your website is a question of when, not if.

The launching of a website, like the launching a ship, is really just the beginning of the story. As the sails need manning, the rudders steering, and the charts studying, so too does a website need watching to make sure everything's working as planned. Are the servers still up? Domains safe from expiration? SSL certificates valid? And what to do if you notice some new bug on mobile browsers, or if some bit of content now needs to be on a different page, and in a different font while you're at it? Simple — get in touch. With Awoven Media serving as your site's captain and webmaster, you can trust us to handle the finicky little tech issues while you focus on running your business.

A beautiful, responsive web design is just the start.
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Awoven Essentials Package

  • 🌊  A Beautiful, Responsive Website
  •  📱    Full Mobile Compatibility
  • 📈  Built-In Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • ✍  Sitewide Copywriting and Editing
  • 💻  Managed Web Hosting
  • 📊  Full Site Maintenance

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